Comments from David St John - Comedian


Hi Ange & Steve

Just a big thanks to you as well for booking me on this very special night and glad to be part of an amazing evening. The whole show was a perfect variety night and well balanced-Jimmy and I really enjoyed it plus having a great audience response.  Gregg was terrific and a real ‘pro’ as he ran the evening so well-plus I helped out to make sure that everybody knew when to be ready in the wongs!  

Marie was great and sure she loved her ‘trolley dolly’ bit with me plus help on first heads & tails- as well as Geoff Young and his mentions! Firefly- great band plus DJ Steve and the dancers-  so Im sure that everybody enjoyed the night plus the all important fundraising side and keeping Emma very much in everybodys mind.  I felt a twinge and a tear  when looking at her photo again- so beautiful and cannot imagine how you have all managed to get through these times.  We have a gorgeous daughter and she was also 23 years in 2010 so it really brings it home to me as well as everybody else who had the privilege of knowing her.  My heart goes out to you both.  The love and support for your family was more than evident and I know that the ELY fund will build.

Nice to have met you and look forward to another time and place


Angela TylerComment