Sky Dive Challenge for Geoff Young & Lydia Waldron - 13/07/14

This is Geoff's third time in three years to sky dive in memory of his niece Emma.  However, this year’s Skydive will herald the exciting opportunity of seeing his fabulous physique plummeting to earth adorned in a very fetching ballet tutu with a lovely pink leotard!!! Now that’s got to be worth a few quid of anyone’s money – and there will be photos and video as evidence!   

Geoff's daughter Lish, did her sky dive last year, however, her friend Lydia Waldron also wants to take up the challenge.  She will sky dive with Geoff on the 13th July 2014 at Swindon.   Please help them to raise their targets via their justgiving pages, which are:

Thank you again for your support! 

Angela TylerComment