Tug of War Fun Day - Hereford City Sports day 19.7.14

We woke up to awful weather yesterday not a good start to the fun day.  However the events team were determined to keep the event on schedule for the day.  Its remarkable how many of the tug of war teams were committed to part-take. So with the rain heavy at times, they still all carried on.  ELY had a team and they came 4th overall, such a great bunch they were too - thank you for your wonderful generosity.    Live music finished the day and not one drop of rain from 5ish, so all in all the sun still shone over us!  Hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as the ELY Board did and our huge thanks to the Events team, especially Lew and Mal, for keeping my spirits high all day.  We will update shortly on what we raised.  Thank you all Ange. 

Angela TylerComment