With Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service

What is Dying 2 Drive?

Dying 2 Drive is a free multi‐agency road safety initiative aimed at reducing death and serious injury amongst young road users in Herefordshire.   At our events, we cover a range of road safety including a road traffic collision reconstruction, literature and practical interactive workshops. The scheme is aimed at Year 11 students who will currently be car passengers and soon become young drivers.  

Fourth day completed delivering the Dying2Drive road safety initiative held at Peterchurch Fire Station.  A roller coaster of emotions talking to Year 11 students. Two days left starting Tuesday next week where we will hold the initiative at Leominster Police Station.  Photos and update with follow next week.

Road Safety Campaigning in Birmingham seeking justice for the victims & families of death by dangerous drivers

I met Avril in September at a Brake course "2young2die" in Birmingham.  As she says, I saw Avril and was instantly drawn to her in that I needed to sit by her.  As we paired up to talk to one another to introduce ourselves to the group, we both shared the pain of losing our daughters tragically through road traffic accidents.  In July 2012 a speeding car struck her two daughters Sarah and Claire on the Walsal Road Perry Barr at 64mph fatally injuring Sarah an seriously wounding Claire (30wks pregnant at the time) .  Her passion and determination to seek justice for her Sarah is truly inspirational. I too am very proud to have met Avril this day.  A friend that shares the pain of losing our children  in such cruel, heart breaking tragedies. xx