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The Charity would like to keep you up to date with our fundraising activities, as well as seeking your support for donations and volunteering and ask that we can retain your details to contact you.

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If you would prefer that the Charity do not hold your contact details you can “Opt-Out” by contacting us on 01432 359 152 or emailing

We respect your privacy and will not pass your details on to other organisations.


The Data Protection Act 2018 governs the handling of personal information that identifies living individuals directly or indirectly and covers both manual and computerised information. It provides a mechanism by which individuals about whom data is held (the “data subjects”) can have a certain amount of control over the way in which it is handled. 

The ELY Memorial Fund is the Data Controller under data protection law.  The legal basis for processing this data is your consent to allow the Charity to contact you for our charitable purposes. The Charity collects, processes and stores different data where it is necessary to identify the appropriate retention period to such records in all formats paper and electronic.  Should records or documents require a different retention period this will need to be agreed by the Directors of Charity.  We will keep your data for as long as reasonably necessary, subject to HMRC and Claims. Your information will not be shared unless explicit consent is agreed to do so by writing to you seeking such consent.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by notifying us. Our contact details to do so, or for any other queries, are The ELY Memorial Fund, 39 Grandison Rise, Tupsley, Hereford HR1 1PP.  Telephone number 01432 359152 or our email is

The table below identifies each category of data that the Charity may hold.  Each category of data will be treated in accordance with our retention period and destroyed when required to do so after consent is sought not to retain such information. 

Data Details How long we keep this information How we dispose your information
Individual Case Sensitive, personal data Electronic – 1 year Paper – 7 years Electronic – cloud/delete Paper – burnt
Contact forms (from website) Name, address, post code, email, telephone 2 years Electronic - cloud/delete
Emails Names, address, post code & email address, 2 years – refresh consent Paper – burnt
Fundraisers Name, address, postcode, email address 2 year – refresh consent. Gift aid compliance 7 years Paper – burnt Electronic – cloud/delete
Events – entrants via Eventbrite Name, email address 2 years – refresh consent. Electronic – cloud/delete