Santander High Town Branch - Hereford

Claire's team completed the static bike ride in record time by Thursday, but they carried on with the bike ride until 3.30pm on the Friday.  The final amount will be published shortly.  You were all brilliant - thank you!!

Claire and her team from Santander are holding a static bike ride in the branch from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th June to raise funds for ELY.  With two bikes in situ, they have to pedal 27 miles an hour to reach 1055 miles by Friday!  This is the distance from Hereford to Santander in Spain.  There will be collection buckets and ELY Merchandise on sale in the branch, so if you would like a new wristband, ELY pin badge, ELY trolley token or a lanyard please POP IN and SUPPORT them all - it's going to be a hard week!!!  We would also like to thank Donna Hill who works for Santander and put the ELY Charity forward for this challenge!!   Please generously support them all.  Thank you!!

Angela TylerComment