Our Emma died at the tender age of 23 in a car accident. She died without a Will which means she died intestate. If Em had written a Will, I may have known her wishes and where she may have wanted items to be donated too. Not knowing her wishes was very difficult for all of us. The ELY Memorial Fund Charity not only helps to pay upto to £2,000 funeral costs if a family loses a son or daughter aged between 17 - 25 years, we also want to encourage 17 - 25 year olds to think about writing a Will to outline their wishes to Mum & Dad's and also give Mum & Dad's an opportunity to think of theirs too. Kidwells are offering 18 - 25 years to write a Will for £50. Over 25 - £100 and joint Wills £120. If only I had known Em's wishes, not knowing and making those decisions were so traumatic at a time when I couldn't cope with losing Em so suddenly. Please think about a small document that stops unnecessary worry, heartache and red tape!

Angela TylerComment