Road Safety Awareness Days

The popularity of our Road Safety days is increasing every year. We know these make a big impact on young people, with an experience and talks that they’ll remember for a long time.

Our Road Safety Awareness Days usually start with Hereford & Worcester Fire Service extricating a volunteer out of the car. To see these firemen in action for over 30 minutes is incredibly memorable. The students watch as they remove the door and roof of the car, their casualty was their priorityin an effort to remove the volunteer as quickly and as safely as possible.

The days normally consist of other activities, including a demonstration from Travis Perkins showing cyclists on the nearside of their lorry, road safety advice from KwikFit and the AA and Rockfield Motor services demonstrating how to look after your car. These are all important life lessons for the students to learn first hand about road safety.

We are also joined by Joshua Young Motor sports, who operate a car sled, on which students experience hitting a wall at 7mph. The students also test their driving skills in an electric go-kart whilst wearing "beer" goggles that stimulate the affects of alcohol and drugs whilst driving courtesy of 3D Driving Awareness.

These days are a huge success. We would like to say thank you to our main sponsor Cargill, along with other organisations KwikFit, AA, Travis Perkins, West Mercia Police, Safer Road Partnerships, Joshua Young Motor Sport and Rockfield Road Services who helped us with these days.  

We plan to continue to run these days to ensure that we keep our young adults safe on the roads.