Our Road Safety Awareness Day held on the 21st April, 2015 started with glorious sunshine and remained with us all day, we couldn't of asked for better weather because all of the activities were designated in the college grounds.   The morning started off with Hereford & Worcester Fire Service extricating a volunteer from the fire service out of the car.  To see these firemen in action for over 30 minutes making sure that every action they took to remove the door and roof of the car, their casualty was their priority to remove him as quickly and as safely as possible.   Amazing demonstration viewed by over 100 students.   

Other activities including demonstrations from Travis Perkins - cyclists on the nearside of their lorry, KwikFit and AA offering road safety advice, Rockfield Motor services demonstrating to students how to look after your car, Joshua Young Motor sports, the car sled where students experienced hitting a wall at 7mph.    The students also tested their driving skills in an electric go-kart, once driving around the obstacle  course and again with "beer" goggles that stimulated the affects of alcohol and drugs whilst driving.  The majority of students failed to complete the course without causing an accident or injury, luckily this was not on one our roads but the careful attention of Tony Diett and Robert Lindsay of 3D Driving Awareness.  

We believe the day was a huge success thanks to Tony & Robert organising the event for Herefordshire and to Herefordshire & Ludlow College for allowing the day to be hosted on their grounds.   We would like to say thank you to our main sponsor Cargill, along with other organisations KwikFit, AA, Travis Perkins, West Mercia Police, Safer Road Partnerships, Joshua Young Motor Sport and Rockfield Road Services who helped us on the day.  

This event must continue to run within the Colleges to ensure that we keep our young adults safe on our County Roads

The Road Safety Awareness Day on the 21st April will soon be here after many months of planning thanks to Tony & Rob of 3D Driving Awareness. They have organised the event with Jenny Marsh of Hereford & Ludlow College along with many other services and businesses who will be involved on the day.    We can now state who will be involved on the day.  They are:-

Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service

West Mercia Police

Safer Roads Partnership

Travis Perkins

Joshua Young – E Driver Program


The AA

Herefordshire Road Safety

3D Driving Awareness

West Mercia Family Liaison Officer

Seat Belt Demonstration Sled – provisionally available

Crash Car Simulator

MP Jesse Norman, Councillor John Stone, Chairman of Herefordshire Council and Councillor Len Tawn, the 633rd Mayor of Hereford

We still have to receive confirmation off a few others which really is excellent for the students to listen about the importance of safer driving on our County roads.     The day will be dedicated in memory of Emma who tragically was killed in a car accident on 30th September 2010 on our County road travelling from Ledbury to Hereford on that night.  We hope that what you will learn on the day will make you think and realise that tragedies do happen and it can change lives in seconds.   See you all on the 21st!

ELY is proud to announce that 3D Driving Awareness along with other services will be holding a Road Safety Day for our young students.  The day is in memory of Emma and also to raise the awareness of the tragic consequences of being involved in a car accident.

As you all know losing Emma tragically in a car accident devastated me as her Mum and her stepdad Steve. This programme will give Students an opportunity to drive the go-kart and hopefully we can raise the awareness of the danger of our county roads AND save life's.